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Always Refined By The Grind. 

Dr. Jessika R. Smith
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A Lifelong Student-Athlete, Dr. J continues to learn & challenge herself everyday with training & building others through her experiences. Originally she developed the idea of Just Raw Skill, an acronym off of her own name, to create a business model that would be able to create a sustainable & community enriching dual opportunity for athletes caught in the "grey" areas of sport. This is that space that exists between collegiate levels & ultimately paid pro athlete sponsorship. She knew the struggles well of just trying to pay bills, but fighting with having enough energy to be able to train well at the times when facilities were available.

A few years & a few degrees later, Dr. J still is passionate for sport & the life lessons that are built from us seeking excellence from ourselves which led to her slogan of "Refined By The Grind." Through an ever-developing lens, Dr. J has redeveloped her business model to fall in line with her skillsets & strengths to build others who desire for themselves. This is a 3 part business model, that focuses on the aspects of Mind, Body, & Spirit. Mind being the psychological aspects of sport & performance. Body being the physiological & physical training to condition the individual. Then Spirit, which is at the individual & community level, this is our shared mission in the battle for continuous growth that can be seen by the embodiment of the Just Raw Skill slogan or the emblem that shines bright on our apparel.

JUST RAW SKILL : Athletic Identity

JUST RAW SKILL : Athletic Identity

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